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Public Outreach For 2020 FMP

Throughout this process, it is essential for meaningful public participation to occur.

The City of Los Angeles has welcomed participation through their website, through informational meetings open to the public and via a public survey.

Public Outreach Meetings


The City maintains this website with information on the 2001, 2010, 2015 and 2020 floodplain management plans, as well as annual progress reports and resources related to floodplain management. At the beginning of the development process for the current 2020 FMP, the website was updated to keep the public posted on planning activities and to solicit input.

Flood Preparedness Public Survey

The City prepared an online survey in order to gauge the public's perception of flood risks. The survey was used to gauge household preparedness for flooding, assess residents' level of knowledge about ways to reduce risk and loss from flooding, and identify areas vulnerable to floods. Responses to the survey helped guide selection of mitigation actions for this plan.