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Mount Lee Pipeline and Pumphouse (Archived)

The project consists of the following: Replacement of existing water pumps and water pipes at the Pump House, to permit increased volume, flow and pressure; Provide controls and monitoring system (i.e., flow and pressure sensors, etc.) for the new pumps and pipeline; A new six-inch (6") pipeline (600' in length) and water meter will be installed from the existing LADWP distribution system to the pump station; The existing meter on the four-inch (4") pipeline will be removed and the existing four-inch (4") pipeline capped; A six-inch (6") backflow preventer will be installed adjacent to the pump house; A new 600' pipeline will be installed between the existing water tank and the pump house; Replacement of the existing three-inch (3") water line with the installation of 2, four-inch (4") water lines, from the Pump House to the cistern atop the Mt Lee Communications Complex (there is no expansion of the cistern capacity (80,000 gallons)); The length of the pipeline from the Pump House to cistern is approximately 1,200 feet; The existing three-inch (3") water line will be left in place; Expansion loops will be provided along the pipeline at a maximum of one loop every one hundred-feet (100'); Installation of pipeline supports will be located approximately ten-feet apart; The monitoring and control system wiring will be installed within a conduit and attached to the pipeline supports; The height of the pipeline and supports will be designed and located to permit large animals to go over the top of the pipeline and small animals to go under the pipeline at the intersection with at-least two wildlife trails; The project will require the grubbing/clearing of a narrow portion of the hillside to permit an adequate work area for employees to permit the installation of pipeline supports and foundations; Only hand-held tools (i.e. shovels, weed whackers, augers, etc.) will be used except in the area within the Mt Lee Complex in which mechanical equipment will be utilized; and During construction activities, a portable power generator will be onsite to provide power to the Pump House pumps as needed.

The purpose of the project is to provide increased water volume, flow and pressure to support fire-fighting capabilities of the LAFD-ASD Mt Lee Helispot, located adjacent to the Mt. Lee Communication Complex. The Mt Lee Helispot is the single most important and strategic Helispot location in the City. Aircraft operating from this Helispot will protect the adjoining communities from the one of the highest life and property threats that is found in the City, wild fires. The beneficiaries of this project are those buildings, structures and city residents and visitors that are in the service area of the LAFD-ASD Mt Lee Helispot, which is comprised of Griffith Park and the Communities of Hollywood Hills and Mulholland.

The NOE and attachments are available for review at the following location:

  • Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering, Environmental Management Office (LABOE, EMG) (1149 S Broadway, Suite 600: Contact: James R Tebbetts at (213) 485-5732)

If you have any questions, please contact James R Tebbetts at (213) 485-5732 or via email (Include Mt Lee Pipeline and Pump House in the Subject Line).

Notice of Exemption and Categorical Exemption and Narrative

ATTACHMENT A - Biological Resources Assessment Report for the Mt. Lee Pumping Station and Pipe Line Project. Prepared by: AECOM, Contact Arthur Popp (515 S. Flower Street, 8th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90071) May 2015 (Final)

ATTACHMENT B - Mount Lee Pumping Station and Pipe Line Project Phase I Archaeological Assessment, Los Angeles County, California. Prepared by: AECOM, Authors: Marc A. Beherec, Ph.D., RPA, M. K. Meiser, M.A. and Allison N. Hill, B.A. (515 South Flower Street, 8th Floor Los Angeles, California 90071) May 2015 (Draft)