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Clean Water

Echo park lake, an arial view

Proposition O Program
Proposition O authorized $500 million of general obligation bonds for projects to protect public health by cleaning up pollution, including bacteria and trash, in the City's watercourses, beaches and the ocean, to meet Federal Clean Water Act requirements. Proposition O will also fund improvements to protect water quality, provide flood protection, and increase water conservation, habitat protection, and open space. The bonds allow the City to purchase property and/or improve municipal properties for projects that protect rivers, lakes, beaches, and the ocean; conserve and protect drinking water and other water sources; reduce flooding and use neighborhood parks to decrease polluted runoff; and capture, clean up and reuse stormwater. The Proposition O Program manages the design and construction of these projects and coordinates the funding of projects managed by other agencies and other City departments or bureaus.

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Safe Clean Water Program
The passage of Measure W (Safe Clean Water Program) in 2018 created a comprehensive, regional plan to address how we capture water and how we can reduce our reliance on imported water.  The primary goals of the Safe Clean Water Program are to:

  • Implement a new plan for L.A.’s water system to capture the billions of gallons of water we lose each year.
  • Help protect our coastal waters and beaches from the trash and contaminants in stormwater that make people sick and threaten marine life.
  • Modernize our 100 year-old water system infrastructure, using a combination of nature, science, and new technology.
  • Help protect public health, ensuring safer, greener, healthier, and more livable spaces for all.
  • Prepare our region for the effects of a changing climate — including recurring cycles of drought, wildfire, and flooding.
  • Require strict community oversight and independent auditing to ensure local monies raised would stay local.

Reference: Municipalities - Safe Clean Water Program (

LADWP Stormwater Capture Parks Program
In collaboration with the Department of Water and Power (LADWP), the Department of Recreation and Parks, and LA Sanitation & Environment, the Bureau of Engineering’s Clean Water Division will implement the design and construction of the Stormwater Capture Parks Program (Program) which consists of nine stormwater capture park projects which will be located in existing City parks within Council Districts 2, 6, and 7 . The Program was developed by LADWP to collect rainwater and urban runoff in the East San Fernando Valley to increase groundwater infiltration and replenish the San Fernando Groundwater Basin. In addition to stormwater capture and replenishing groundwater, the Program aims to alleviate local flooding, improve water quality in the Tujunga Wash Central Branch and the Los Angeles River, improve local parks, and provide social and economic benefits.

The Program is largely funded by LADWP who will also pursue Measure W funds (Safe Clean Water), as well as State and County grants, such as Proposition 1.

Council District 7:
David M. Gonzales Recreation Center

Council District 6:
Fernangeles Park

Council District 2:
Strathern Park North
Whitsett Fields Park North
Valley Plaza Park North
Valley Plaza Park South
Alexandria Park
North Hollywood Park
Valley Village Park

LADWP webpage for the Program, Design MOA, and community meeting presentations.

Stormwater Program
The stormwater program provides, planning,  design and construction management for flood control and stormwater pollution abatement projects, including emergency repairs of the storm drain system. This group also leads the floodplain management planning process and enforces private development regulations in the Special Flood Hazard Areas as part of the City's participation in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to mitigate flood hazards and provide insurance premium discount for the City's residents.

Flood Protection and Stormwater Management Program
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