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Hansen Dam Recreation Improvements (Archived)

Mitigated Negative Declaration, HANSEN DAM RECREATION IMPROVEMENTS PROJECT (Parking Lot Restoration/BMP and Kids Campground). Council District 7, community planning area of Arleta-Pacoima: southeast of the intersection of Dronfield Avenue and Osborne Street and inside the Hansen Dam Flood Control Basin and Recreation Area. The City of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works and State of California, Mountains Recreation Conservation Authority, in conjunction with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, propose to construct the Hansen Dam Recreation Improvements Project. The project includes two components - 1) Kids Campground; and 2) Parking Lot/Restoration/BMP (AKA: Green Parking Lot) - subject to CEQA environmental review under this initial study.

The campground component includes construction of 12 temporary tent cabins with pads, as well as portable dining and kitchen facilities to accommodate up 60 campers and 10 staff members. A permanent restroom facility would also be constructed, which includes installation of 2,700 feet of new, four-inch diameter sewer line and lift station. Also included are an amphitheater, campfire circle, as well as a small staff parking lot and drop-off area. For security, the perimeter would be fenced by 750-feet of concrete rail fencing. The design included a (two-inch diameter) potable water supply line, drinking fountains, and misters. Electrical lines and water services would be replaced or upgraded to meet current codes. A shade structure is a planned, but is not presently part of the current project scope of work. The campground would be operated daily during the summer months. During the rest of the year, the campground would be limited to weekend use for over-night camping with possibly some programs during the weekdays. Construction is expected to begin late winter of 2010, to be completed and operational by July 1, 2010.

The Parking Lot/Restoration BMP component includes construction of diversionary structures, infiltration/detention basins, trash racks, and vegetated-swales, which would accept and filter runoff into Hansen Lake. Diversionary structures would be constructed in two existing arroyos, tributary to the lake. In addition, the lower parking lot would be redesigned, where portions would be removed to make room for a vegetated filter strip, vegetated swale, and infiltration/detention basin. The parallel access road, as well as the central and perimeter berms would also be removed. The remaining parking lot area would be re-stripped to accommodate existing capacity. The upper parking lot would not be modified, but would be served by a separate, but similar, inlet/vegetated swale and infiltration/detention basin system. The project also includes invasive plant eradication, and replacement with appropriate California native plant species. Temporary irrigation and protective anti-pest devices would be installed. Depending upon available funding, the project scope may include parking lot resurfacing, or barriers to deter vehicles from encroaching upon the wetland habitat. Construction is expected to begin September 15, 2010, and to be completed and operational by March 15, 2011.

City Council adopted the MND on June 8, 2010.

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Review Status Public Review Period
Notice of Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration    
Initial Study Closed November 05, 2009 – December 07, 2009
Attachment B – Draft EA