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The Recreational & Cultural Faculties Program is responsible for developing and monitoring the service and maintenance agreements for each completed competitive grant project.

The primary goal of the monitoring program is to ensure that Grantees comply with the terms and provisions of their Grant Agreements. It also aims to ensure effective and proper implementation of services and to facilitate timely delivery of these services.

The primary focus of this monitoring program is to determine compliance with the following requirements:

  • Insurance (must be kept current)
  • Reporting requirement: Service Quarterly Report/Maintenance Quarterly Report
  • Program services (provision of identified services to eligible participants)
  • Participant goal (number of participants to be served for a specified period)
  • Participant file record-keeping (residency, age, ethnicity, service/s rendered, etc.)
  • Other requirements stipulated in the agreement

RCFP staff will conduct the following:

  • Site visit (on-site observation of program activities,
  • Review of participant files, participant surveys and other related documents
  • Review of Service Quarterly Report/Maintenance Quarterly Report
  • Desk review of other required documents (insurance, etc.)

To document the services provided and maintenance performed, Grantees are required to submit quarterly services and maintenance reports. The Service Quarterly Report and the Maintenance Quarterly forms can be found by placing your mouse over the Service and Maintenance Monitoring and selecting the appropriate form.