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Gaffey Street Pool and Bathhouse (Archived)

Mitigated Negative Declaration/Initial Study (MND/IS) for the complete restoration of Gaffey Street Pool (AKA Hey, Rookie Pool), construction of a new bathhouse, decommissioning/mothballing of Building 825 (which was previously used as a mess hall and latrine), upgrades to access ways and points, and installation of landscaping, irrigation and utility systems. The Gaffey Street Pool and Bathhouse project is located within Angels Gate Park (3601 Gaffey Street, San Pedro, CA 90731). Angels Gate Park is under the jurisdiction of the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks.

The proposed project consists of: a complete restoration of the Gaffey Street Pool, to meet current health, safety, and building codes, while retaining historical context as to its 1940's original design and to provide for swimming activities for adjacent residents; reconditioning of the pool mechanical equipment area; addition of exhibit panels and a historic plaque to provide patrons the story of the pool's historical significance; upgrading/installation of walkways, driveways, new handicapped and regular parking spaces, seat walls, and landscaping and irrigation systems throughout the project area; resurfacing of the access road that services the pool; a storm water filtration planter will be built to treat storm-water from around the pool area; construction of a 4,471 square foot bathhouse; accessibility to the pool area from Gaffey Street, through the construction of stairs and a handicapped access ramp; and Building 825 (previously used as a mess hall and a latrine) will be decommissioned and mothballed The main parking area for the facility will be west of the existing pool. Vehicular traffic will use Gaffey Street to reach Leavenworth Drive (near 36th Street), currently the entrance to Angels Gate Park and Fort MacArthur Museum. The pool will also be accessible from Osgood Farley Road (opposite 32nd Street). The pool will be open from June to September. Approximate hours of operation would be weekdays from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM on weekdays and noon to 6:00 PM on weekend days.

The Mitigated Negative Declaration/Initial Study is available for review at the following locations:

  • San Pedro Library (931 S Gaffey St. San Pedro, CA 90731 (310) 548-7779)
  • Harbor City Library (2400 S Western Ave. Harbor City, CA. 90710 (310) 534-9532)
  • Council District 15 District Office ( 638 S Beacon St. Suite 552 San Pedro, CA. 90731 (310)-732-4515)
  • Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering, Environmental Management Office (LABOE, EMG) (1149 S Broadway, Suite 600: Contact: James R Tebbetts at (213) 485-5732)

All comments must be submitted in writing no later than 4:00 p.m. on May 5, 2014 by mailing, e-mailing to (Include Gaffey Street Pool in Subject Line), faxing ((213) 847-0656) or hand delivery to James R Tebbetts, or mail to: James R Tebbetts, City of Los Angeles, BOE EMG, 1149 S. Broadway, Suite 600, Mail Stop 939, Los Angeles, CA 90015.

If you have any questions, please contact James R Tebbetts at (213) 485-5732 or via e-mail (Include Gaffey Street Pool in the Subject Line).

The public comment period for the initial study/mitigated negative declaration ended on May 5, 2014. The initial study/mitigated negative declaration for this project is pending before the Department of Recreation and Parks Commission. It is tentatively scheduled to be heard on June 18, 2014; however this date is subject to change. The official electronic website posting location for the Agendas for the meetings of the Department of Recreation and Park Board of Commissioners and its Task Forces is at WWW.LACITY.GOV. The agenda for this project may also be viewed at

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Review Status Public Review Period
Notice of Intent to Adopt MND Closed N/A
Mitigated Negative Declaration/Initial Study And Appendix A Closed April 03, 2014 - May 05, 2014


  • Appendix B: Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis
  • Appendix C: Biological Resources Habitat Evaluation
  • Appendix D: A Cultural Resources Survey Report for the Gaffey Pool and Bathhouse Project
  • Appendix E: Geologic and Geotechnical Investigation report, Gaffey Pool and Bathhouse
  • Appendix F: Survey by Comprehensive Asbestos and Lead Survey
  • Appendix G: Traffic Study for the Gaffey Pool Project