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FMP Preparation Process

The first priority for this plan is to benefit the citizens of Los Angeles by providing the greatest possible protection against flood hazards. In addition, the plan has been developed to follow as closely as feasible FEMA's guidelines for flood planning under the CRS program. Developing a comprehensive floodplain management plan is among the activities that earn CRS credits toward reduced flood insurance rates. To earn CRS credit for a floodplain management plan, the community's process for developing the plan must include at least one item from each of 10 steps:

Planning process steps:

  • Step 1: Organize
  • Step 2: Involve the public
  • Step 3: Coordinate

Risk assessment steps:

  • Step 4: Assess the hazard
  • Step 5: Assess the problem

Mitigation strategy steps:

  • Step 6: Set goals
  • Step 7: Review possible activities
  • Step 8: Draft an action plan

Plan maintenance steps:

  • Step 9: Adopt the plan
  • Step 10: Implement, evaluate and revise