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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will suspend processing Applications of Letters of Map Revision based on fill (LOMR-Fs) and Conditional Letters of Map Revision based on fill (CLOMR-Fs) in the City of Los Angeles, starting August 14, 2020. Applications for new LOMR-Fs or CLOMR-Fs received prior to August 14, 2020 will be processed and completed, assuming that all necessary information has been provided. Requests to reopen CLOMR-F and LOMR-Fs closed due to inactivity must also be received prior to August 14, 2020. Requests received after August 14, 2020 will be suspended with no determination, and a notice of suspension will be sent to the applicant. Any questions about the effects of FEMA’s implementation of this decision on floodplain management, or questions about the consultation process with the Services, should be directed to Julia Gillespie at 510-627-7248 or

Flood Clearance Process

FEMA LOMC Documents

LOMA / LOMR-F Tutorial Series

If you are a homeowner and believe your property is not located in the designated 100-year floodplain [also known as a 1-percent-annual-chance floodplain, or Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA)], as shown on the effective Flood Insurance Rate Map or Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map for your community and you would like the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to make an official determination regarding the location of your property relative to the SFHA, you may request a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) or a Letter of Map Revision Based on Fill (LOMR-F).

For more info on LOMA, please visit:

A LOMC (Letter Of Map Change) is a letter which reflects an official revision to an effective Flood Insurance Rate Map. LOMCs are issued in place of the physical revision and republication of the effective map.

For more information on LOMC please visit:

You can search the LOMA records by Case ID, Map Panel ID, or State/County/Community at: to Find a LOMC.

Elevation Certificate

FEMA's new Elevation Certificate (EC) was approved for use, effective August 26, 2019, through November 20, 2022. The new form has been revised and now requires the certifier to provide the square footage of the enclosed area below the elevated floor and at least two photographs of the building, if the EC is being used to obtain flood insurance.

More information on ECs and an electronic version of the form can be located here on FEMAs website:

For additional information on Flood related topics, please visit FEMAs flood hazard website at:

To view Elevation & Floodproofing Certificates, please visit: Flood Info For Public.

Please see the latest Elevation & Floodproofing Certificate Forms below:


The City continues to provide NFIP Public Outreach information pertaining to floodplain management
and public safety. Please see all the publications below. Warning, safety and evacuation information can
be found in the latest NFIP Newsletters under.

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