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Sixth Street Viaduct Seismic Improvement (Archived)

The 6th Street Viaduct (Bridge No. 53C-1880) and Sixth Street Overcrossing (Bridge No. 53 -0595) comprise a single structure which spans the Hollywood Freeway (US 101), the Los Angeles River, city streets, and numerous railroad tracks. The structure is located in a highly urbanized area just east of downtown and connects the downtown portion of the North Central Community Planning Area with the Boyle Heights Community Planning Area in the city and county of Los Angeles. Seismic vulnerability studies, completed in 2004, concluded that the viaduct exhibits a high vulnerability to failure under a moderate seismic event (an earthquake with a probable return frequency of 40 years). The high risk of collapse and continuing concrete deterioration indicates the need for timely corrective action. The proposed project would improve this critical Los Angeles River crossing to an acceptable standard by either retrofitting the existing structure or replacing the 6th Street Viaduct entirely.

The EIR was certified and the project approved by the City Council on November 18, 2011. The Council File Number is 11-1789.

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Final Environmental Impact Report/ Environmental Impact Statement