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Rory M. Shaw Outstanding Employee Awards

Each year, the Bureau of Engineering presents an exceptional employee with the Rory M. Shaw Outstanding Employee Award. This award is in memory of the dedication and excellence in leadership exemplified by the late Rory M. Shaw. The intent of this award is to acknowledge an employee who demonstrates those characteristics that made Rory such an extraordinary asset to the Bureau of Engineering. 

Details of the award can be found in the March 2005 BOE Newsletter.
Past recipients of the Rory M. Shaw Outstanding Employee Award: 

Marina Quiñónez 2023
Natalie Moore  2022

Ohaji Abdallah  2021

Shirley Lau  2020

Katherine Doherty 2019

Arsen Voskerchyan 2018 

David Copp  2017

Alisa Blake  2016

Jackie Calvin  2015

Maria Martin  2014

Dr. Carol Armstrong 2013

Hortensia Alonso 2012

Paul Tseng  2011

Steve Martinez  2010

Gene Edwards  2009

Vahik Vartanians 2008

Essam Amarragy 2007

Larry Gonsalves  2006