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Vacation of 33rd Street between Figueroa Street and Flower Street Project (Archived)

Negative Declaration/Initial Study (ND/IS) for the Vacation of 33rd Street Between Figueroa Street and Flower Street Project, located north of Jefferson Boulevard, and in the Southeast Los Angeles Community Plan Area, Council District 9, City of Los Angeles. The proposed project consists of the vacation of 33rd Street, by the City of Los Angeles of the public right-of-way between Figueroa Street and Flower Street, north of Jefferson Boulevard, in the City of Los Angeles. The total area to be vacated is approximately 24,588 square feet (0.54 acres). The vacated area would revert to the vestee(s) of the underlying fee title interest, which would be the adjacent property owners. Frontage along 33rd Street is owned by Felix LLC (3300 S Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, Ca 90007). 33rd Street would be closed to both vehicular (cars/trucks/bicycles) and pedestrian through traffic. The vacation is intended to increase public safety and security between the properties adjacent to 33rd Street (north and south sides) that are owned by the same company, as well as to integrate and centralize the Car Dealership, whose facility occupies both sides of the proposed vacated street. As part of the process minor construction will take place to install curb, gutter, sidewalk, and roadway or a driveway in the area were 33rd Street intersects with Figueroa Street and Flower Street.

The Negative Declaration/Initial Study is available for review at the following locations:

  • Exposition Park Library (3900 S. Western Ave Los Angeles, Ca 90062 (323) 290-3113
  • Junipero Serra Library (4607 S. Main Street Los Angeles, Ca 90037 (323) 234-1685
  • 9th District Neighborhood City Hall (4301 S. Central Avenue Los Angeles, Ca 90011 (323)846-2651
  • City of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works, Bureau of Engineering (1149 S. Broadway, Suite 600, Mail Stop 939 Los Angeles, CA 90015 (Contact James R Tebbetts at (213) 485-5732))

All comments must be submitted in writing no later than 4:00 p.m. on June 10, 2013 by mailing, e-mailing to (Include 33rd St Vacation in Subject Line), faxing ((213) 847-0656) or hand delivery to James R Tebbetts, or mail to: James R Tebbetts, City of Los Angeles, BOE EMG, 1149 S. Broadway, Suite 600, Mail Stop 939, Los Angeles, CA 90015.

If you have any questions, please contact James R Tebbetts at (213) 485-5732 or via e-mail (Include 33rd St Vacation in Subject Line).

The project is tentatively schedule for a hearing before the City Council on November 25, 2014.

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Review Status Public Review Period
Notice of Intent to Adopt ND Open N/A
Negative Declaration/Initial Study Closed May 09, 2013 - June 10, 2013