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Alisa Blake, Director of Systems

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The Bureau of Engineering’s Systems Division provides technology support for an award-winning engineering organization. Information technology (IT) evolves rapidly and waits for nothing. We take pride in our history as being cutting-edge pioneers for technology in the City of Los Angeles. Overall, our team of technology professionals delivers world-class support to uphold our operational motto – “WE ENABLE BUSINESS.”

Our bureau’s engineers are second to none and we remain committed to enabling their award-winning work. Systems Division believes that future workspaces are untethered from traditional office environments. Engineering’s workforce requires agility, accessibility, and reliability to accomplish our operational goals. We consistently push traditional technology boundaries with innovation and industry best practices.


We provide client hardware and software installations, technology implementations, procurement, and facilities management. In most cases, Business Systems Support staff respond to trouble tickets reported in Engineering’s Web Help Desk. This team receives new equipment, stages new equipment, tests and researches innovative technologies, maintains our equipment inventory, salvages old equipment and stores parts and supplies necessary in supporting our business systems.


It takes creative solutions to respond to ever-changing work requirements. The Bureau of Engineering often builds computer applications based on very specific business use cases; that makes our “AppDev” team essential to operational success. Most of our programming assignments today are web-based applications; however, we’re quickly moving to creating mobile applications and software solutions that implement multi-cloud environments. We’re exploring the use of augmented reality (AR) applications to supplement our existing applications. We’re proud to sponsor a summer intern from the Mayor’s Data LA Summer Academy to implement UX design principles.


There was a time when this team used to manage, install, and support server hardware in our datacenters; however, we have transformed their roles into administering and supporting the datacenter in our Microsoft Azure cloud environment. Data and telephony communications reside on a unified network in today’s business world. This team ensures that Engineering’s remote offices can communicate with each other and the City’s enterprise network. We also dedicate team resources to mitigate cyber intrusion response. Please contact Alisa Blake at for more information on the Bureau of Engineering’s Systems Division. Contact Fabiola De Santiago at for any concerns about our website.