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Structural Engineering

Foothill Blvd Bridge over Little Tujunga Canyon Wash

The Structural Engineering Division (SED) provides structural design and construction support services to all CIEP programs within the Bureau of Engineering. The division prepares structural analysis, engineering plans and specifications for wastewater conveyance and treatment facilities, pumping plants, municipal facilities, railroad and vehicular grade separations, pedestrian and vehicular bridges, tunnels, retaining structures, and various subterranean structures. SED performs inspection for the City-owned bridges and is a caretaker of the City-owned bridges. SED approves structural aspect of permits that are initiated at all District Offices; overload permits that are initiated at BOSS, and projects designed by other public agencies, such as Metro, LAWA and LADWP that impacts the City’s right-of-way. SED is the first responder during emergencies that affect the City bridges.