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Mission Statement, Goals, Objectives

The 2015 Draft FMP identifies a mission statement, goals that support that mission statement, and objectives that are intended to achieve the goals.

Mission Statement

Through partnerships and careful planning, identify and reduce flood hazards to protect the health, safety, quality of life, environment, and economy of the City of Los Angeles.


  • Protect life.
  • Protect property.
  • Increase resilience of critical facilities and infrastructure.
  • Increase public awareness.
  • Pursue cost-effective environmentally sound migration measures.
  • Coordinate with other programs that can support or enhance flood migration.


  • Provide, improve and maintain flood protection.
  • Use the best available data, science and technologies to improve understanding of the locations and potential impacts of flood hazards, the vulnerability of building types and community development patterns, and the measures needed to protect life and safety.
  • Minimize the impacts of flood hazards on current and future land uses through implementation of appropriate codes, standards, and ordinances.
  • Retrofit, purchase, and relocate structures that are in flood hazard areas, especially those known to be repetitively damaged.
  • Maintain or enhance early warning emergency response systems, evacuation procedures, training and equipment.
  • Increase resilience and continuity of operations of critical facilities and infrastructure.
  • Pursue effective and efficient approaches to reducing stormwater runoff, protecting water quality and water resources.
  • Increase public awareness of existing flood risks and the means to reduce these risks by conducting educational and outreach programs.
  • Encourage and support leadership within the private sector, nonprofit agencies and community-based organizations to promote and implement local flood hazard mitigation activities.
  • Review future effects of global climate change on flood risks.