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Fire Bond Projects

General Information

In 1998, the City of Los Angeles completed a Public Safety Facilities Master plan study.  This study determined that most of the City's existing Fire Stations were too small to adequately house the necessary equipment and personnel for efficient deployment of resources.  In order to mitigate and partially remedy these issues, Proposition F was placed on the ballot.

On November 7, 2000, Los Angeles voters approved Proposition F.  Proposition F  authorized the issuance of $532.6 million in General Obligation Bonds to finance the construction and rehabilitation of Fire Stations and Animal Shelters throughout the City of Los Angeles.  $378.6 million of the bond was allocated to build 19 neighborhood Fire/Paramedic Stations and an Emergency Air Operations/Helicopter Maintenance Facility.

The Proposition F - Fire Facilities Bond Team consists of the Fire Department, the Bureau of Engineering, and Bovis Lend Lease.  From 2001 through 2007, the team will oversee design and construction of two new state of the art Recruit Training Centers (one with Regional Fire/Paramedic Components), replace six existing Fire Stations with new Regional Fire/Paramedic Stations, add one new Regional Fire/Paramedic Station, convert and expand two existing Fire Stations to Regional Fire/Paramedic Stations, replace nine existing Fire Stations with new Standard Fire/Paramedic Stations, add one new Satellite Fire/Paramedic Station in the San Pedro area, and build a new Air Operations Helicopter Facility & General Services Helicopter Fleet Maintenance Building.

Prop F Oversight Committee Members:

Miguel Santana, City Administrative Officer

Patricia Whelan, Mayor's Office

Sharon Tso, Chief Legislative Analyst

Gary Lee Moore, P.E., City Engineer

Ralph M. Terrazas, Fire Chief

Citizen's Oversight Committee Members:

Carl Muhlstein, Chairperson

Phyllis Currie

Earl Gales

Marc Jacoby

Gary Minzer