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Tom Conner

Portrait of Tom Conner with text "Tom Conner City Engineer (1998-1999)"

Tom Conner received his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois and participated in the Transportation Masters Programs at the University of Illinois and California State University, Long Beach.

Conner began City service in Los Angeles with an entry-level position at the Department of Transportation (LADOT). His career at LADOT spanned more than three decades in which Conner rose to the ranks of General Manager.

Conner was the Senior Transportation Engineer responsible for the development and implementation of the City’s highly successful transportation plan for the 1984 Olympic Games.

Tom Conner was appointed interim City Engineer upon Sam Furuta’s departure from the position. Despite his long and successful career with the City of Los Angeles, Conner did not wish to be appointed to the position permanently, so he did so only while the selection panel recruited an ideal candidate.

During Conner’s time at the helm of the Bureau of Engineering he brought along ideas that he had developed at the Department of Transportation. His relationships with the administrators at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority helped to smooth relations among the two agencies.

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