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W.H. Leighton

Image with text "No Photograph Available W.H. Leighton City Surveyor (1861-1862)"

No biography could be located on Mr. Leighton.

He was surveyor during war years in a town so Pro-Southern it took seventy-five troops to stand by on July 4th to assure the raising of the Union Flag. Pro-Southern merchants refused to accept United States paper money as legal tender. A thirty-day series of rains damaged the city water system so badly water distribution was turned over to a private firm. The following year rains were again so heavy the privately-operated waterwheels and water works were destroyed. The owner had had enough so citizens insisted municipal authorities again take over water distribution.

Source: "Sixty Years in Southern California," Newmark Chronological Record of City officials: 1850 - 1938 Municipal Reference Library

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