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1st and Broadway Civic Center Park Project

The project site is located at the northeast corner of 1st Street and Broadway in the Civic Center area of downtown Los Angeles. The address is at 126 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, California 90012.

In 2013, the City of Los Angeles acquired the project site from the State of California, with the intent to seek development opportunities that would reduce blight, and increase the health and safety at the site. The acquisition process included site demolition, and hazardous materials remediation and abatement activities. The project site is currently a vacant dirt lot that is used as a surface parking facility and holds occasional special events.

The proposed Project includes construction of a 1.96-acre park, featuring both landscaped and hardscaped areas to accommodate a wide variety of park activities, programs, and events, at the northeast corner of West 1st Street and Broadway in downtown Los Angeles. The proposed Project would also include a new two-story, 19,200-square-foot building for restaurant uses. Other site improvements would include a bicycle parking area, outdoor seating areas, landscaping with a variety of plants and trees for public enjoyment, walking pathways and passive recreational uses, and new lighting. The intent of the proposed Project is to create a world-class iconic park at the core of Los Angeles’ Civic Center area. Construction of the proposed project would last for approximately two years beginning in Summer/Fall 2019 and concluding in Summer/Fall 2021.

The Department of Public Works Bureau of Engineering (BOE) has prepared a Final Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND) for the proposed First and Broadway Civic Center Project. The Final IS/MND was approved by the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks (RAP) Board of Commissioners at their meeting on Wednesday, April 17th 2019. The RAP Board of Commissioners will consider approval of the project subsequently at a later RAP Board of Commissioners hearing (anticipated in July 2019). 

The Final IS/MND and related documents for the proposed project can be viewed at the BOE web site at: 1st and Broadway Civic Center Park Project, or by appointment at 1149 S. Broadway St. Los Angeles CA 90015. For additional information please contact Talmage Maxwell Jordan of BOE at or (213) 485-5754. 

Please note that the date, time, and location of the meeting(s) at which these items will be considered are subject to change. 

The official electronic website posting for the schedule and agendas for the meetings of the RAP Board of Commissioners can be viewed at: 

Report (Click on italicized text to view report)                                                           Review Status Public Review Period
Draft IS/MN   1/3/19 – 2/4/2019
Notice of Availability    
Final IS/MND    
Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Plan