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Overview of Sepulveda Basin Vision Plan

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The Vision Plan will include a comprehensive design for the Basin including  up to 12 selected public projects and those projects will be incorporated into a full build-out of the project, over approximately 25 years. 

Three projects are already under development by the City of Los Angeles: 
1) Balboa Aquatic Center: Construct a new aquatic facility;
2) Hjelte Soccer Field: Construct a new athletic field; and
3) LA River Way: San Fernando Valley Completion Project (Balboa to Burbank) to construct a bike path along the LA River in the Basin from the White Oak to Burbank.

The Vision Plan will: 

  1. Study existing land uses, landscape features, habitats, patterns of use, and user groups within the Sepulveda Basin and identify areas that can be enhanced, 
  2. Provide an understanding of how future investments, such as the proposed 2028 Olympic facilities and River restoration projects, can tie into the overall vision for the Basin,
  3. Lay out a plan for improving mobility, access, and wayfinding around and within the Basin for cars, pedestrians, and cyclists, 
  4. Outline a decision-making framework between the different government agencies with purview over the Basin, including the Army Corps, the County, and City of Los Angeles,
  5. Increase recreational opportunities for long term use while preserving and enhancing wildlife and habitat areas, 
  6. Through a River focused planning process, integrate improved riverbank habitats, recreational River access, River adjacent public safety and connectivity, and restore natural ecosystem functionality to the River and the tributaries within the Basin, 
  7. Maintain or improve the current flood risk capacity of the Basin.

The Bureau of Engineering is working with a technical team of landscape architects, engineers, architects, planners, outreach specialists, cost estimators, and community organizations to create the Vision Plan by 2024. The team includes: Geosyntec Consultants, OLIN, Agency: Artifact, The Robert Group, Gruen Architects, Psomas, Alta, Estolano Advisors, Leland Saylor, and Pacoima Beautiful.